I was referred to Nick by a trusted advisor, so lucky to have been put in contact with him. Nick was quick to respond, communicative and professional. He resolved the issue quickly, explained to me what caused it and offered a few options for solving it, recommending the cheapest option.

I'd recommend Nick to anyone looking for an electrician in the future.

2/16/18 Update: there's a thread on our building's Facebook page about electrician recommendations and Nick's company has come up a few times, here's an excerpt: "a million times also for Nicholas Tomaszczuk! His workers were on time, did a good job, and his price was significantly lower than everyone else's. He did track lights, ceiling fan, and a chandelier for me. I have the 14ft ceilings so most electricians just want nothing to do with it. He was all good lets get it done asap. Juan also uses them for all common area stuff now. highly recommend."


Stephen R.

I called Nick (first time I've ever contacted him) on Weds to describe a small problem that was well above our skill set. He answered the phone immediately, listened to my issues, gave a theory without assuming certainty, and we made an appt for 2 days later (which was my preference.)

He showed up exactly on time, had purchased some "just in case" supplies with him, diagnosed the problem (which was not his original theory), and not only fixed the immediate problem, but addressed a related one.

In addition to his punctuality, preparedness, strong know-how and reasonable pricing, he was great about explaining everything to me in a way that I could easily understand it. It all made sense!

I would not hesitate to call Nick again; I'm keeping his contact info nice and handy!


Kathy V.

I have called Nick twice in the past and have been very pleased with his service, so when a problem came up just recently I didn't hesitate to call him again. He answered my call right away, listened while I explained what had happened, assured me that all is OK and nothing would happen or get worse until he was able to get here 3 days later. When he arrived today he tested the outlets that may have been a potential problem and answered all my questions while being very patient. I was stunned when he said he wasn't going to charge me. That shows me that he cares about his customers and isn't always out to charge you for everything.


Jill L.

Nick answered my questions quickly and did an excellent work. Very happy!


Amanda B.